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Our top priorities are healthy, happy pups and satisfied customers.


Policies for BD Kennels, LLC

Home of American Brittany Spaniel and German Shorthaired Pointer bird dogs and pups.


Our top priorities are healthy, happy pups and satisfied customers. Our goal is to match you with a companion for the field or home, that will thrive with you and your family. With that in mind, we have a waitlist for our pedigreed, champion pups. We cannot foresee the size of a litter, how many of each gender, the coloring of the pups, or any potential problems. We do our very best to make estimates based on previous litters. There's a saying, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans." He grants our prayers with a healthy dam and pups, and most of the time we are able to meet the specific requests of our waitlisters. Getting a puppy is a big step and is very exciting, and we understand that it can be disappointing when what you want is not available. In the event we cannot meet your preferences, we will offer an alternate color or sex or roll your deposit over to an upcoming litter. We may also refund your deposit at our discretion, depending on the situation.

All puppies will have their dewclaws removed, tails docked, are de-wormed several times, and are current on vaccinations before they leave our kennel. They are fully evaluated and checked by our Vet by eight weeks old. We highly recommend getting your pup microchipped before take home. This can be done for an additional $55 during their eight week check up at the Vet.

The buyer has five days after receipt of the puppy to have him/her examined by your Veterinarian or health guarantee is null and void. You must have proof of this visit with-in the time frame stated above (keep a copy of it in your puppy kit for safe keeping). In the unlikely event that your puppy is found by your Veterinarian to be seriously ill within this time period, you may request an exchange upon returning the puppy to us. If no more puppies are available in your litter, you will have first pick in next litter of same puppies. We do NOT refund money for a puppy for any reason, but will replace a puppy if there is ever a serious health issue that is covered under our Health Guarantee.

We will not be responsible for contagious disease contracted after pup has left our care. Remember that dog parks, road side and truck stops can have germs that can be dangerous, serious health issues for your puppy, also visiting another dog that is not current on shots or is in process of worming.

If for any reason, at any time in your puppy's life, you find that you cannot keep him/her we ask that they be returned to us. We do not want any of our puppies to end up in a shelter, rescue, or bad home. We take responsibility for our breeding program and will ALWAYS take back one of our puppies. We have a list of disabled veterens that we will give dogs to free of charge. 

Our $200 nonrefundable deposits can be made via paypal.me/bdkennels (NOT GOODS OR SERVICES!), money order made out to BD Kennels, or cash. The deposit is non refundable should we hold a spot for you and you change your mind. It is fully transferable to another litter if we are unable to fill your request for any reason. Payment for your pup is due in full by the eight week pick up date. 

There will be a charge of $50 per day for any puppy that is not picked up the day of the eight week check up. It is very hard on a puppy to be the last one left. And it costs us time and money to care for each puppy left in our charge, in addition to keeping up with their training, wormings, and shots to keep them on schedule.

We accept payment in cash, money order made out to BD Kennels, or via paypal.me/bdkennels (NOT GOODS OR SERVICES!). If using PayPal, please understand that additional charges may apply. 

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