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Puppy of the Month

Our wonderful customers have sent some of the nicest comments and pictures warrants a "Puppy of the Month" spotlight!


Customers are taking a picture of their
"after the first of the year" pups
and giving it as a Christmas present!

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December 2014

We love our Simba so much that we purchased another pup from BD Kennels! Our yard is just right for us to play!

"Simba", Erica & Brendon

Orlando, FL

January 2015

Taking home two pups at the same time has been a challenge! They have such different personalities and such a curiosity every day!

Jim & Julie

Melbourne, FL 

February 2015

Our family cannot thank you enough for the time spent with us on Saturday.  It was just an amazing day for us to finally meet you and our sweet "Ruby".  Every one of your dogs are just so beautiful and we are blessed to have found you!!

"Ruby", Brian, Brenda, Bradley and Briana

Fleming Island, FL

March 2015

Flying in an airplane when a pup and even now does not bother her at all! Things are going great and Belle is an amazing Pup/dog.

"Belle" & Gerhard

Fort Benning, GA

April 2015

Apollo is doing great so far, he is an amazing puppy and pleasure to have in our lives. Because of him, I'm now an authorized obiedience instructor for Pet Smart!

"Apollo" & Peter

Tampa, FL

May 2015

Wrecks is 20lbs already and his legs get longer every day.  He is very smart – on his first full day at home, he learned to sit.  A couple weeks later, he could shake hands.  He is very entertaining and of course, adorable!  He loves the peacocks in the neighborhood and loves to carry their feathers around when he can find one.  Thanks again for everything!

"Wrecks", Mary and Nick

Winter Garden, FL

Cody Hardman

June 2015

A great 1st day with us. We have named him Cody Malone. Lots of play this morning. Cody is a good eater and likes to pee every 2 hours! He's taking a huge nap right now!

"Cody", Rick and Brenda

Lakeland, FL

July 2015

Hello Butch and Donna- We hope all is well with you. As we approach the one year of Leala's litter that brought us Ruger, we want to thank you for providing us with such a fun addition to our family!  He's a lot of work but so full of joy!!!

Blessings- "Ruger", Shana and Family

Lakeland, FL

August 2015

We are in love! I was able to go on line on and see an actual picture of him. He's beautiful. I sent a picture to my husband and he really likes him too. We are so happy and excited about our new family member!

"Chase", Vicki & Family

Bushnell, FL

Tom Beccia and Bell

September 2015

She’s adjusting well to her "forever home".  We had forgotten how much fun (and work) a puppy can be.  It’s been 26 years since our last puppy and getting up and down off the floor takes a little more effort (a lot more effort).  All in all, we are extremely happy with Lucy.  Last week I went to Ohio to see my  mom for a few days and boy did I miss her.  I think she may have missed me a little too by her reaction when I got home. 

"Lucy", Tom & Kathy

Lakewood Ranch, FL

October 2015

Jack is doing great. He is getting big - 10 lbs. already! He has adjusted very well to our home and is getting along perfectly with our 5 year old female Brittany Maicy. He was very patient here!

"Jack", Cheryl & Family

Miami, FL

Ruby Female American Brittany Spaniel

December 2015

Giving thanks every day for Ruby!  Hope all is well with you all!  Here are some pictures of her today - it's hard to believe she's 10 months old already!  She's a bundle of energy and a love bug all in one!

"Ruby", Brian, Brenda, Bradley and Briana

Fleming Island, FL

Copper Male Bell Pup

November 2015

Copper Boy is doing well… a wonderful puppy and growing fast. He and Eric are best friends; he goes and sits by the door every afternoon and waits for Eric to come home from school. His favorite game is taking the little girls baby dolls and running out the doggie door and then the girls follow him through the doggie door to get their babies back. It's fun watching them play together… they all love him. Anna is happy when they all are napping at the same time. Copper is one lucky dog.

"Copper", Eric, Mary & Ted

Bradenton, FL